Happy country, sad children?

An upsetting subject that I wasn’t going to write about, but it slowly fills my everydays with sorrow that in today’s Denmark our children have to suffer from bad circumstances in some daycares.

A video came to light about a month ago that showed our children in daycare, not getting attention, not getting the care they need, not getting their diapers changed and so on, the list is endless. We demonstrated, nothing really happened or changed.

Today comes a new film about the life in daycare. The material was shot with secret cameras by a pedagog who is also a journalist. Needless to say, that just like everyone, I am also shocked over the small footage I’ve seen so far and I am not even sure, I will be able to see the rest. There is no time for our children, there is no time to feed them, change them, dress them. There is no time for hugs, comfort, let alone quality time. It is often natural, that you don’t know what happens to your child during the day, you don’t know why their head is swollen or why they have some injuries. You don’t get a call if they get injured, unless it’s considered very bad. Then you pick them up and hear, they had a good day. The only thing telling you something was off is the sets of wet clothes, small injuries, wounds, a red butt that was ok in the morning and a toddler, who acts out. I am over crying, and I want to act, but what do I do?

They have examined 22 institutions and among this, one of the worse rated is where my son goes. It was actually supposed to be one of the very good ones in our area. The first day I delivered him, I felt like he is not going to be fine here, I was surprised and suspicious over many things, although the employees were very nice. I forced myself to believe that I’m too much, I’m from another country, maybe we are more sensitive, people also told me, I make too big of a deal, this is the way we raise children in Denmark.

But is it too big of a deal now? Is it ok to call a 14 month old an egoist? Is it ok to let them cry and refuse adult contact, to call them spoiled for showing emotions? (example from the video material) This is not equal with raising them with a free mindset.

When it comes to this point, me, as a parent would like to blame someone but who to blame? The pedagog, who is alone with 15 children on the afternoon? The leader who has no resources to pay a minimum wage for employees? Myself for delivering him? My boyfriend for not earning enough so I could stay home with him. Our politicians for having an election campaign right now, and there is literally noone who prioritize this cause?

We live in a world where a family rarely can live from one paycheck. I like the employees in my sons daycare, we have a good relationship and I’m thankful for them to give their best, every day. Because this is a dedication, you choose to raise and teach future generations and form the views, beliefs, behavior of our world. Doesn’t this worth investment? Because our future politicians, our future climate activists, our future scientists, our whole future is sitting in daycare right now with people who have no time to tell them about the world, with people who have limited time for personal or emotional interaction.

In a country, that most of the world thinks of as a happy place, with rich potential, good economy, good social and health care system. Where people are comfortable, and safe, our future is suffering. For you save money on the generation you have to count on in 20 years. For you save money and turn your back on your own children.

Is this really one of the best places to live in the world? Can we not do better? Should we ask our children, if they are as happy and satisfied as it says in all those researches about this happy country?

What can we do? How can we give a voice for them who cannot talk yet?

Sounds from the crowd… even if it’s shouts, even if it’s just a whisper, but now we finally hear them and it’s time to act for them who cannot act for themselves.


Keep in mind, that these are examples of extreme cases and it is not necessarily true for your institution. On the other hand be aware that this can happen to any of us and we can only make a change together! 

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