Luggage tips for cheap and light travel with baby

🇭🇺 Görgess a magyar forfordításért If you have followed my Instagram you could see that recently we have been to Iceland. It was really a short weekend trip and we enjoyed our time tremendously like always. - see my boyfriend is Icelandic so we are just going home when we go there - Even our … Continue reading Luggage tips for cheap and light travel with baby

Me, the nurse (part two)

🇭🇺Görgess a magyar szövegért So last week passed by fast, seems like it was forever ago since #rtandrason was sick. When we were in the hospital last weekend they prescribed antibiotics  - yes, read it right... No ice cream, no prescription love and hugs but the hard stuff - apparently he had two different type … Continue reading Me, the nurse (part two)

Me, the slow feeder

🇭🇺Görgess a magyar forfordításért To blw or not to blw Today was the first day I was actually happy that RTandrason was going to eat in the daycare. The day when I could clearly communicate that he should really not eat apple with peal on because he has two teeth and a tendency to swallow … Continue reading Me, the slow feeder