Pregnancy update and dealing with a toddler

For a while now I feel like it is time for me to update you and follow up on my previous post. Bottom line is, I feel good, I'm glad and finally could settle into the core of my pregnancy. A couple of weeks ago I was upset and I didn't know how to deal … Continue reading Pregnancy update and dealing with a toddler

Pregnancy hormones or signs of depression?

It's been a while since I wrote and it's not because I don't have anything in my mind but maybe because I have way too much to think about. I have had a great pregnancy with my first son which created the false sense that every pregnancy must be like that. Now, pregnant with my … Continue reading Pregnancy hormones or signs of depression?

Boldog ország, szomorú gyerekek?

Egy riasztó téma, amiről nem akartam írni, de lassan kitölti a mindennapjaimat, hogy a mai Dániában gyermekeinknek milyen borzasztó körülmények közt kell szenvedniük egyes óvodákban, bölcsődékben. Egy hónappal ezelőtt kijött egy videó, amely gyerekeink mindennapi életét mutatta be, és kiderült, nem figyelnek rájuk, nem kapják meg a szükséges gondoskodást, nem cserélnek rajtuk pelenkát, és így … Continue reading Boldog ország, szomorú gyerekek?

Happy country, sad children?

An upsetting subject that I wasn't going to write about, but it slowly fills my everydays with sorrow that in today's Denmark our children have to suffer from bad circumstances in some daycares. A video came to light about a month ago that showed our children in daycare, not getting attention, not getting the care … Continue reading Happy country, sad children?

Tips on asking for help

Communication. Such a natural part of life, yet something, many of us struggle with. Throughout my life, many of my conflicts came from bad communication, and right now I am not necessary talking about language barriers, although it certainly feels that way. Feels like we are talking a completely different language, something the other person … Continue reading Tips on asking for help